About q-Crypt

Q-Crypt is a team of developers providing a quantum efficient solution without making use of quantum entanglement.

To understand the EPR-Bell context, read the Professor Alain Aspect famous communication.


You will know everything about the controversy, the experiment imagined by Bell, never conducted during Einstein’s lifetime and the most precise experimental results.

From 2019, q-Crypt project splits.

  • Most of the q-Crypt project researchers are joining the new main desk in Pasadena. First useful hardwares are coming soon said Avner Rudel and Chris Sanders!
  • Most of the original software Paris team will offer quantum applications delivery control services. “All will need our service to be sure to buy what was expected to be” is its credo.
  • Leo Pathy and Francis Costa will develop their own solutions.

The original pages will be maintained for scientific purposes.