Artificial quantum entanglement data

Artificial quantum entanglement data usage

We do not know how to use artificial quantum entanglement data for useful applications.
When the artificial correlations are classically cos² curves, it is not the result of a specific quantum behavior. Hence, none of the description of the qubits properties is strictly valid. Indeed, without the superposition at the unique particle level and the entanglement, most of the applications schemes are meaningless. In a few words, pure and independent ignorance does not help.


Artificial quantum entanglement data generation

However, entanglement is heavily used in quantum computing ( Arxiv in 2018 ). Most of the softwares need it for credible simulations.

For this purpose, you can easily produce artifical entanglement data with the draft Malus distribution. You can also see the source of the script of the javascript implementation or ask a question in a comment.

That goes without saying that you will never run a real quantum application with artificial data. Indeed, this is not entanglement but rather suitable correlations for simulations.

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