Pseudo entanglement with N arms

The correlations in the numerical simulations depend only on common variables. Hence, extending the scheme, we can get an arbitrary number of pseudo entangled arms pairs, in the same way.

In case of an unlikely doubt, you can check easily the computations with the simulation programs by sharing the variables file by as many participants as desired.


pseudo entanglement with many arms

Implications for cryptography

This is problematic if you want to use artificial methods to encrypt. The common variables file becomes the crypting key, at best dynamic.

In quantum cryptography, whatether it is hidden variables or quantum properties, a spy will have to alter a flow to intercept it. If the data is purely classical, there is not any no-clone theorem. The data will be silently read, copied and emitted again. Hence, possible arbitrary number of pseudo entangled arms pairs are most an issue. Except perhaps, for some applications not related to cryptography…


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