Q-Crypt project

Open your mind!

To explain why our solution of quantum cryptography and computing ignores the quantum entanglement, we prove that it is unusable. We produced EPR-Bell experimental simulations showing that quantum entanglement and classical correlations are too similar to be distinguished! Try the online compact Monte-Carlo simulation. Not only the Bell theorem must be reconsidered carefully but also its conclusions are not currently applicable in a lab.
Look at the current Draft. The required maths are simple and there is not any esoteric notation. Read also the ramble articles for remarks and afterthoughts.

The vendors must take care of not delivering mere classical systems! In case of scientific difficulty, they would face serious financial risk, beyond the price of their services. In 2025, the quantum market will amount to 15 billions while the risk could be estimated to more than 100. This was never seen before.

Quantum cryptography and computing without entanglement.

Now comes the time of the “post quantum” step. Having other ways to achieve the same goal, we will not spend more time with quantum entanglement. Taking care of the security against an attack by a quantum computer has always been a constraint but it needs first to have a working system to protect.

Our quantum cryptography solution is still based on mainstream quantum mechanics but not on quantum entanglement. Indeed, quantum mechanics is not restricted to optics while electro magnetism technologies are very developed. Entanglement is far from being the most important property in regard to operations. The interesting quantum states are not necessarily spins of fundamental particles. We are currently testing a private encrypting application to exchange sensible data between our servers on the internet.

The same quantum technics, not based on entanglement, can benefit to specific computations. While it is not the so cited quantum computer, it uses quantum mechanics and works at ambiant temperature. It is intrinsically faster than doing classically the same, particularly our versions of quantum swapping and quantum reversing. It is easy to interface with a classical computer. Among the natural applications, there are the huge networks not perfect optimizations and credible approximations for bitcoin computations. The developments are still in progress. Chips being already available, the first hybrid prototypes with 2 applications will be ready in the fall of 2019.

Sciences and EPR-Bell experiments!

Quantum cryptography and computing are not the main. It is noticiable that we found results questioning the consistency of the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. The EPR-Bell experimenters must come back to labs or publish their presumed failed studies, if any.

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