Q-Crypt project

We abandoned entanglement, if any!

To explain why our solution ignores the quantum entanglement, we prove that it is unusable. We produced EPR experimental simulations showing that quantum entanglement and classical correlations are too similar to be distinguished! You may try the online compact Monte-Carlo simulation. Not only the Bell theorem must be reconsidered carefully but also its conclusions are not applicable in a lab.
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Our quantum solution without entanglement.

Our quantum cryptography solution is still based on mainstream quantum mechanics but not on quantum entanglement. We are currently testing an encrypting application on a hosting network.

The same quantum technics, not based on entanglement, can benefit to specific computations. While it is not the so cited quantum computer, it uses quantum mechanics and works at ambiant temperature. Among the natural applications, there are the huge networks optimizations and the bitcoin computations. The developments are still in progres. The first hybrid prototypes will be ready in the fall of 2019.


It is noticiable that we found results questioning the consistency of the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Physicists will conclude, if they want. We did.