EPR-Bell Numeric Simulations

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Simulation software is ready.

C++ and Perl codes don't need any special library.

Sql table containing 27 604 algorithm 2 simulations results ( 296,392,811 bytes ) Download

Sql table containing 60 494 all algorithms simulations results ( 667,439,149 bytes ) Download

Javascript Implementation of the algorithm 2 used in online verification page ( 16,749 bytes ) Download

monothreaded C++ Implementation of the algorithm 2 ( bytes ) coming ASAP

monothreaded Perl Implementation of the algorithm 2 ( bytes ) coming ASAP


Hidden variables are shared parameters by photons before their spacial separation. For example, polarization angles similarly to the Malus law.
This sharing is less than identity and it doesn't need non locality.

if you want to participate to a PC chain to correlate in group, please send me an email. Correlations don't need synchronicity :)

For the fun, we added Kirk and Tara to "correlate" 3 times each. Obviously, we correlate with ourselves many times in the past and the future.